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Draping and Positioning 2.0 Live Workshop!

Saturday, November 3rd @10:00am.

Taking what you did (and didn't) learn in school regarding draping and positioning a client on the table to the next level to ensure client comfort and boost therapist confidence.

Please dress comfortably and bringing a massage table would be greatly appreciated. Linens provided.

Sign up today! Space is limited to 8 therapists.


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You've clocked the hours. Origins and insertions, pathologies, contraindications, massage techniques... you've studied it all and have your license to prove it. In a nutshell, you are a rockstar when it comes to the human body... when it's on your table.

But what about when that body is OFF your table? How are you at navigating that time before and after the hands-on work? 

You could give an awesome massage in your sleep, but do you know how to handle clients who repeatedly show up late or cancel at the last minute?

You know how to extinguish a client's inappropriate behavior (or do you?), but does your employer? Do they have your back with a protocol in place to ensure your safety? Would you know what to say or have the confidence to report an incident?

Perhaps you and your classmates were BFFs, but do you know how to successfully and professionally address a conflict with one of your coworkers?

No one has better body mechanics than you, but do you know what steps to take to prevent physical, mental, or emotional burnout?

What many new therapists don't realize is that this profession can bring far more twists and turns with it once they graduate, step out into the real world, and get that first job. There will be times when the therapist has to handle situations that have absolutely nothing to do with the hands-on work.

I know because I have been a licensed massage therapist for over 12 years first as an employee at a rehab facility, then massage clinic, and eventually opening my own private practice more than a decade ago. I know firsthand exactly what it feels like to suddenly realize all the things that massage school did NOT teach you. I've worked where the company was focused solely on numbers with little thought to the therapist's well-being. I've also worked in a place where the therapist's health and safety were a priority and were paid a fair wage. I've learned the hard way of what to do and what not to do regarding how to start, build, and maintain a successful practice and all the surprises and responsibilities that arise with it when you decide to become a business owner.

I want to jump start your career by sharing with you all the tips and tricks I've learned along the way. Whether you are a new graduate or have a few years under your hands, I can help you bypass over a decade of headaches, confusion, and doubt.

My goal is to take you from being a good, typical massage therapist to being a stand-out, sought-after, respected, empowered and overall AMAZING therapist who can navigate any situation they may find themselves in with confidence and ease.

If you are ready to...

  • step up your game as a healer
  • learn all the things school didn't teach you
  • discover how to become confident and empowered in the time before, during, and after a session so you can create and build your ideal clientele who is loyal, respectful and appreciates what you have to offer
  • incorporate the self-care needed to enjoy a long, fulfilling career of helping others 
  • rise above the negative stereotypes

...then we need to talk.

Where you work does not matter be it in private practice, a home office, or as an employee at a salon, spa, or chiropractor's office. There are vital tools that can apply to each environment to ensure your success in this field.

Space is limited as I only work with a small group of licensed therapists at a time. Act now by scheduling a call with me to discuss where you are now and areas you could use some extra support. Enrollment into this program is by invitation only.

Here is that link again: 

You have a gift that needs to be shared with the world, and I want to help you grow those precious soft skills that will allow you stand out within the massage and medical community.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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